Welcome to {OCS}! Here's our SHORT story!

At the time of our forming in 2005, {OCS} was a FRIENDLY, FUN, ADULT clan made up of a small group of individuals who had been friends and in-game opponents for years.
Members were mostly from other clans that they just don't FIT INTO; Hence the title
The clan disbanded in 2011 after hosting literally thousands of games on over 100+ game titles unfortunately due to lack of interest and funds.
Today we are back, and we're re-building our clan from scratch. All of the games we play are on PC's that use WINDOWS. SOME are console oriented on the Playstation 4 made by Sony.
ALL of our members have and use Steam etc.
Download Steam
We're SNIPERS at heart, and have played many different variations of "Sniper" game-types modding games such as:

Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal Tournament 3
Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare)
Call of Duty 5 (World @ War)

...and many other Modded games in the past.
for a list of those games check out our gametracker page at

We ARE a SNIPER clan at our core, liking MOSTLY SLOW and STEALTHY movement with NO RUN AND GUN or Quick Scoping in our SNIPER SERVER(S).
WE ARE A MULTI-GAME CLAN and enjoy MANY games with multiple styles of play among our members and guests, but our core will always be SNIPER, the way WE play it: slow, methodical, and team-oriented using communication and teamwork skills.
HARDCORE Sniper Gamers will be pleased with our game play and hopefully inquire for membership to our clan.
This clan is devoted to ANTI-CHEAT gaming, PERIOD, no exceptions, and we wish to promote FUN and FAIR gameplay! We DO NOT accept drama of any kind, nor do we wish to promote any ourselves. We use a "common sense" ideals system. The only way to act in our Severs, our TeamSpeak, and on our Website is to be respectful, and courteous as possible.
I hope you find yourselves at home at {OCS} as we're all a diverse mix of individuals who enjoy new-comers, and friendly clans alike.

FYI - we're currently recruiting 17 and older gamers!
Thank you for your time and reading this page

At {OCS}, most of the games we play carry anywhere from a TEEN "T" to a Mature "M" rating. I will make it clear now that this is an ADULT clan, playing ADULT games, conduct yourself accordingly. IF there are any questions or concerns you may reach {OCS}MasterSeal personally by sending an email to Send {OCS}MasterSeal an Email and I will do my best to contact you as soon as humanly possible to chat with you about your concerns. I must be frank in saying in no-way do we at {OCS} make exceptions to our rules or our own ideas of what we do here. If your minor child finds us, it is not our responsibility to babysit, however if an issue is caused by your child finding us, may we respectfully suggest restricting the use of said mediums required TO find us. Use common sense if you allow your child to play here, they may be exposed to MATURE material and WE are NOT responsible for that!
Thank you.
We look forward to seeing you in our server(s) soon!

Kind Regards,
Founder, Scriptor, Web-Author, Server Administrator
Out-Cast Snipers Multi-Game Sniper Clan