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  • {OCS} will soon be recruiting age 17+ players for our multi-game clan.
    If you're interested in helping build a small but friendly and anti-cheat clan
    stick around the application will be available soon in the forums.

{OCS} Punkbuster HELP PAGE: Call of Duty 4 | Call of Duty 5

This is the {OCS} help page for the latest Punkbuster files for COD4-COD5 before Evenbalance (the company responsible for PB) dropped COD4-COD5 support.

If you are having ANY communication failures for: 'PnkBstrA.exe' :this likely means you don't have the PB service running in the background as a windows service. IF you DO play other games, and you KNOW they use punkbuster and you have no issues with those games that USE PB, then you may have firewall/router issues which I will address via email only. You can find my email address at the bottom of the page if you require further assistance.

For those
PnkBstrA.exe errors you can donwload the file PB Service Installer

For those that already have the PnkBstrA service RUNNING for other games and/or COD4 or COD5, but still need to update PB, you can download those files below.

COD4 (Modern Warfare) WinPBFiles <--- COD4 PB Windows Client Files

COD5 (World at War) WinPBFiles <--- COD5 PB Windows Client Files

Many clans/groups/server owners don't use PB anymore: HOWEVER we still use PB for server administration and anti-cheat tools.

I've included simple installation instructions in EACH .zip as a comment when opening the file.
I would suggest you use WINRAR which is free extraction software for most versions of file compression in use today.
The download for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of WINRAR is HERE

If you have the unfortunate problem of owning a crapple iMac, here are raw PB files ONLY:
FYI: you cannot use the windows service installer for MAC as crapple uses a different file type and we don't and won't have that program available here.
Check on Crapple forums and Google is your friend!

Remember, If you need any help, you can email me at:
Please be specific and use screenshots if need-be when asking for help.
I will be happy to assist you in any way I'm able.

Happy Fragging!
Owner, Operator: Out Cast Snipers Multi-Game Clan