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So hey! Just a quick post to let you all know what this forum is for!

Feel free to post videos, pics, memes, gifs, etc. and link to 'em here!

This can be from facebook, youtube, instagram etc. as long as they're from public profiles etc.

If you have something you need to upload, you can create the post, and upload it as an attachment in the "Attachments and other options" + drop down menu at the bottom of every new post, etc.

Same "new post" applies with anything you post. Be sure to create a new post and fill it with whatever. obviously replies and what not are fine to the posts you create, But be sure to keep new topics, within new topics.. For example:

Person 1 creates new post titled (this bands performance last night was awesome!)
Lots of peeps repsond, post etc.
person 2 starts to post a completely different video, unrelated in the same thread, (NO NO!)  Create a NEW POST for this!

as always any questions or what not, post in the help section. Cheers!


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