About {OCS}

Out Cast Snipers was formed in 2006 by Head Admin {OCS}PaPa-D.

“After leaving many clans due to people= shit+ego, I became an ‘OUTCASTSNIPER’ due to my ideas on how clans and sniper games SHOULD be managed and played. Too many smacktards and douchebags and kiddies…it was time to do my own thing the RIGHT way. The rest is history.” -{OCS}PaPa-D

This clan (OutCastSnipers.com | TAG= {OCS}) is for mature, respectful, and decent gamers who want a structured, anti-cheat principled, fair ‘n’ balanced clan experience.

Are you annoyed by kiddies who usually cram as many “players” into their clan/servers for numbers to fill up servers with random, non-vetted people with who knows what online past/present bullshit they may bring with them? Then You’ve come to the right place! We value QUALITY over quantity, and have much higher standards than most clans out there.

To be clear, we expect people to police themselves so we don’t have to babysit undesirable behavior. We expect this of EVERYONE, including clan members. We’re a website-driven clan with interactive Discord server, public TS3 VOIP, and several hosted game servers with provided live server queries. As a multi-game clan, occasionally we will have other game titles available to play using public dedicated servers we host. We’re small, and like it that way as big clans breed too many asshats and smacktards which makes us picky about who we let into our clan family.

As an {OCS} member you have access to our Discord member channels, TS3 member channels, and wearing our clan tags in our dedicated game server(s) etc. We also encourage our members to wear the {OCS} tags EVERYWHERE you play with pride!
{OCS} members have the potential to become admins on our server(s) after a brief break-in period.
… we’re quite a different clan from the norm.
We play: Sniper Elite 4, COD4 (full conversion MODs), Minecraft, and ARK with our own public servers for each of them.
Available games and their dedicated servers can and will change periodically

Are you looking for a fun, no-bullshit, respectful clan home? We hope so!
Our requirements for membership can be accessed by clicking the “Join Us!” link! If you’re interested!

Thanks for stopping by!