WELCOME and Congratulations to our newest member of {OCS}!!
RWW you’ve been an amazing gaming friend and just an all around
great guy to have around these past several weeks!

I’m VERY pleased to have you become part of our small but capable
clan family here at Out Cast Snipers!
Thanks for your interest and I hope we remain your first choice
to hang and be a part of clan-wise for years to come!!

Welcome to the new site…

So… This is a NEW website that I’ve decided to use for our clan and {OCS} will now have a BLOG instead of forums. The content is almost identical to the last site, but it’s no longer just HTML/CSS/JS by itself, I’m using WordPress for the CMS portion of things to edit and hold all that info I’ve already scripted/coded/written etc.
The old site while I loved it VERY much and worked extremely hard on it, was just too busy and didn’t have the CMS qualities of WordPress since it was 100% HTML/CSS/JS with no wire-frame. WordPress also has the capability of mobile, and our site is now mobile capable.